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Summerhill Clinic programs are individual and based on each client's assessment results.  The neural profile provides the information for the category of program.  Each program will comprise activities designed to address:

  • specific areas of neural processing underdevelopment
  • problems in those areas of spoken language necessary for literacy and/or mathematics learning
  • specific literacy and/or mathematics skills development


Summerhill Clinic is research based.  A neuroscientific model of language development has been adopted as we believe that such a model gives the best, current understanding of how language and literacy develop and why, in so many cases, that development fails to occur in accordance with usual time lines.
The Certified, Licensed Professional Therapists and Associates of Summerhill Clinic can implement programs after each client's assessment at Summerhill Clinic.

Generally, therapy for Primary students is 2 separate hours per week; for Secondary, Tertiary and Adult students it is 11/2  hours per week.  Other arrangements can be made for special cases.

Students on programs are reassessed at six-monthly intervals so that programs can be reviewed to meet changing needs or to determine when therapy is no longer needed.